Let me sell your boat for more money to you with less hassle

I am experienced at selling boats and buying boats -- over 200 transactions in the past 6 years, and over 60 international transactions to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Cambodia, Argentina and Russia. And you only pay if I sell your boat. 

Do you want your yacht listed or do you want your yacht sold?

8 Reasons to list your boat with Sandy at WORD Yachts

1. ALL listings are expertly put on Yachtworld.com, the boating industry’s Number 1 MLS web site as well as boats.com our company web sites and dozens of others.

2. I am a Certified Professional Yacht Broker


4. We use YachtCloser.com to speed and simplify offers and closings as all documents can be signed electronically in minutes from creation by computer or smart phone without having to print/fax/scan.

5. A unique URL web domain name will be built for your boat directly linking to Professional internet brochures so potential buyers can see the internet from a computer or a smart phone in seconds.see sail-yacht.com

6. Web site content can be changed same day or hour to keep updated. I have toll-free # for Canada and USA.

7. Social Media networking [1200 facebook friends], reaching out to buyers in every demographic, every continent and many dozens of countries and building relationships.

8. Myself, a professional broker with 40 years of experience [see my bio] with a reputation for getting the job done, and a relationship built on trust and open communications. I have 50 ton Coast Guard Captain's license and ASA sailing instructor level 201-205,218, sailing cruising, chartering, navigation and docking.


Please contact me and I can send you my comprehensive marketing plan.

We can sell your boat because we do more to show it well, working smarter and harder than the competition.

Your boat's full details and narrative descriptions are written by me and many pictures will be listed on Yachtworld.com, boats.com, Craigslist, Ebay, and several other sites. We will prepare an internet flyer [see For Sale page] and build a website with dozens of pictures of your boat. In this day, people expect to see many pictures on a web site, which reduces their risk and convinces them to pursue further by calling or emailing and coming.

Sandy and WORDYacht Sales are very current with market trends. WE HAVE THE ONLY RESPONSIVE MOBILE/IPAD/TABLET/LAPTOP FRIENDLY YACHT BROKER WEBSITE IN THE PACIFIC NW! We are constantly improving and adjusting accordingly. These tough economic times call for a tough Broker. Simply put -- We Do More! When it comes to pricing your boat and preparing your boat for the marketplace, we can help.

Not only do we sell boats locally, but also we specialize in selling boats in remote locations. We have sold boats as far north as Whitehorse, Yukon and in places like Australia and the Philippines, and of course the Pacific Northwest. One-third of my sales are to Canadians. Don't hesitate to call us if your boat is near or far away.

Our marketing plans are tailor built to your vessel and location. We are internet experts.

Call me [Sandy] at 253-376-8273 or 888-387-1963 or Email me sandy@WORDyachts.com  and we can discuss what this could do for you.


Here is what we could offer to do for you specifically, in addition to the above:

I will advise you on what to do on your boat after seeing your pics, but before taking final pictures for the postings. These will be low cost tasks and items that will net you at least 2x return in a higher final sales price. I will take many pictures with my specialized Cannon S5 camera with wide angle lens and flip out viewer designed to get the best view of the inside of smaller spaces like you find on boats.

I will do a full market analysis as we have access to the sold prices of boats sold through Yacht World and other major websites mentioned. You will see all that pertinent info to help you set a best case listing price -- high enough to get the maximum return but not so high that you miss making a good and reasonable first impression. That is very important as many buyers have searches set up on those web sites for new listings, so you only get one chance to be considered by those folks.

I will also market your boat to Canadians who have to pay higher prices up there. Currently 30% of my sales are to Canadians. My personal toll-free number helps them contact me.

I will screen and prequalify customers so that your time is not wasted with people that are only window-shopping or those who are unrealistically dreaming.

I will be negotiating on your behalf to get you the best price for your boat. After concluding >200 deals, 60+ internationally, I know how to negotiate to get to a win-win solution -- therefore the deal is closed and seller gets the best deal possible.

The standard commission for yacht brokers is 10% of the sales price, but I charge less and with the plan above, I think you can get more than 10% above what you would get from buyers you find on other web sites like Craigslist who primarily want a bargain. Most buyers will pay a little more to know a professional 3rd party is assuring the fairness of the dea. And it will be less scary and less hassle for you.

Call or email me to discuss this plan and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to email me some times and number to call you at and i will call you on Skype or Google voice.

You see my sign is a little different from the usual BOAT FOR SALE sign, but then I am a little different and I bet your boat is too. WE SHOULD ALL STAND OUT AS A LITTLE DIFFERENT.

WORD Yachts


Sandy Williamson, Certified Professional Yacht Broker
Mailing: 16809 Lakeside Dr.S, Spanaway, WA 98387
Tacoma WA 98387
1-888-387-1963 phone_special2" >888-387-1963


Full Service Yacht Brokerage, but small, so you always "talk to the boss".

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